Monday, 8 June 2015

Small business web designs: Things to keep in mind

Today, every business demands an online presence. Your brand stands no chance if it isn’t complimented by a strong presence online. These online shops and portals are getting bigger and stronger.  However to make your mark in this competitive world you don’t have to start big

If your business is small and only carters to domestic market you can certainly put a cap to your online budget. All you need is a smart and strategic planning you can be up and running with your online shop on World Wide Web. In this post we will cover three necessary steps in designing a significant online presence for small scale businesses.

     1)    Go for a Template design on an Open Source Platform:  Irrespective you have a content based website or an online shop; you can find a template to meet your demand.  These templates are pre-designed and cover most of the things that are needed for a good web brand. These days most of the templates are mobile responsive so you don’t have to spend anything extra once your website is done. The benefit of these templates is that they will cost you lesser than using a custom Web site design. You can find these templates on WordPress and Open cart platforms.  Once you select your platform you can opt for an appropriate theme on theme forest.  

     2)    Use the information about your brand wisely: Most people think that the success of your website depends upon the strength of your home page. This though is partially correct but not entirely true. The success of your website depends upon the success of your landing page.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you use this page wisely. Landing page is different from a home page. You need to make sure that once customer is on to your landing page he has the confidence to go all the way through. Make sure you design this page appropriately using all the relevant contents and images. 

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Designing errors that can impact your brand

We all know how important a good web design is for our brand. A good design can make or break a brand reputation online. This is why it is imperative that you make sure that your design has everything in it to succeed online. In this blog, we will identify some few fatal designing errors that can cost your brand its well-earned online reputation. 
     1)    Slow Speed: If you are inviting customers to visit your website you have to greet them with terrific viewing experience. You need to make sure that most of their time is spent browsing your website and not waiting for it to load. Therefore, you need to check your website speed and make sure it loads fast across all browsing platforms. 

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     2)    Poor Responsive designs: The browsing trend online is changing fast. Today, you cannot enter a market without proper responsive designs. You need to make sure that your designs loads correct on all viewing screens. If you have an e-commerce store you need to present it in a way that all the information about its product is visible easily.

     3)    Poor search option: Now this holds a significant importance for all e-commerce stores. If your search bar is not working properly you will lose out on your potential customers. Most e-commerce stores don’t give this feature any importance but it is an integral part of an online store.

     4)    Bland selection of colors: Colors play a significant role is making us feel on how we look at things. Therefore, if your colors are too dim or bright it can turn your customers away. Good design is always about matching elegant structure with matching colors. 

    5)    Improper designing layout: If the designing layout of your website is poor you will miss out on displaying some important information about your brand. It is imperative that the structure of your website gives it an ample scope to reflect the most important feature of your brand.

Designing a good website is not difficult if it is correctly planned. Most of the good designing companies are aware of these issues and make sure they plan them correct. Therefore, if you are going to get your brand designed make sure you chose a reputed Web design Geelong Company. Good designing companies will always give you option you can chose and select from and there always under budget.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to create affordable yet effective web design

Getting a web design is not difficult but to get an effective website at an affordable cost is somewhat challenging. However, if you work of correct structure and put in right efforts you can achieve what you desire. Yes, getting an affordable web design is possible with some thorough hard work. To get a web design you first need to understand the demand of your product. You need to identify what you are going with.

        1)    An e-commerce website
        2)    A simple blogging network
        3)    Or a simple business website that only talks about your services and products.

Once proper identification is done the next step is to choose a platform that will best suit your requirements. For example: If you are going for an e-commerce solution you can choose platforms like Shopify or Magento. Or if you simply want to display your brand services on a static page you can opt for WordPress. The best deal in going with these packages is that everything is present for you in advance.

Your web designing company doesn’t have to custom code much to give you your shop. To further reduce your cost you can choose and select some pre-built web designing themes. You can give these themes your brands feel even without much technical understanding. Always remember that your web designer will always charge you for the amount of coding he do. Therefore, if the level of coding is less the cost of the design will naturally be low. 

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Another thing that can help you bring down the cost of your website is the use of some pre built plugins. Today for every platform there are some really affordable plugins available that can offer you just what you need.  Let me explain it by giving you an example: Assume you have an e-commerce website for which you need a one page checkout. Now, you can either go to a web developer or ask him to custom code or you can simply search for a ‘one page checkout plugin’ and have it installed on your web set up. No points in guessing which option will suit your pocket the most. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

E-commerce Web Design: Things to keep in mind

E-commerce is emerging as a big industry in a modern day scenario. The reach of these markets from local to global is massive. This is why most of the brands are now setting up their own e-commerce model to fit in the wagon. In this blog we will mention what are some key aspects of a good E-commerce design and how they can benefit your business. 

E- commerce Web Design Geelong

1)    Responsive checkout pages: If you are able to bring your customers to a ‘checkout’ page you certainly don’t want to lose them from there. This is where one page responsive checkouts are coming into play. You need to give a model to your customers that allow them to shop from their phone. Responsive Web Design, One page checkouts plays a huge role in it.

2) Guest Checkouts:  Yes, you want a strong database of your customers but to get that you need to work hard and wait patiently. 60% of the customers drop out of the website if they are asked to make an account. Therefore, you must support and allow Guests checkouts. Let them have an account when they want. Till then just give them the luxury to shop without any hassle.

3)   Give them a fast site: You have to give your customers a website that loads fast and operates smoothly. You don’t want them to wait for ages for pages to load.  To grab the attention of the user you have to give him/her an experience that is fast and easy to understand. A good speed of a website also infuses a confidence about it. 

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4)  Security is the key: This is one aspect that every customer is concerned about. Therefore you need to make sure that your website is secure and gives customers that feeling. Use of ‘Https’ and other such certificates on the home page are certainly going to help this cause.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

How and why Open source platforms are better to Code

Individuals who have specialized comprehension and know how web functions are more attracted to 'Open source platforms', yet for individuals who are non-specialized, this online journal is for you. Here we won't just cover the comprehension of Open source stages yet will likewise break down its advantages. Open source stages permit clients and engineers to utilize their own custom codes as a part of expansion to the plugins that are accessible to them.

This is the motivation behind why; Coding on these sources is dynamic and basic. The best part about these stages is that you can develop them the way you want. To be put it in simpler words: How you want is how you can develop.  At the end of the day, designers can without much of a stretch download and alter it as indicated by their utilization.

The best part about these solutions is that security on these stages is given prime thought, group of coders dealing with these stages verify that these codes come with no bugs or blunders. An alternate playing point for these codes is that they are constantly created. This not only enhances the coding structure but also improves the overall website security.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Things to keep in mind while designing for an E-commerce website

Online marketing is in demand today. Most of the businesses are turning their shops online to avail maximum benefits of this online rush. Benefits are obvious: 

·        Bigger markets
·        Lesser investment

Now, setting up an online shop is not that easy. Success of an online shop depends on number of things one of which is its design. The design of your shop must be immaculate to engage maximum viewership from your audiences. In this blog, we will try to look at few aspects that determine a quality Ecommerce design

1)    Security:  Most of the e-commerce stores allow their customers to make purchase online. Now, customers who are shopping online must be assured that their card details will not be misplaced or leaked. If you are designing an e-commerce store make sure that you make it evident to your customers that shopping from your store is safe. Design your site in a way that it highlights all the security measures that taken to make your online store secure. 

2)    Clarity: Never confuse your customer with a complicated structure. Always give them a clear picture of what is what. Make sure you have a good ‘Zoom in’ feature that gives a clear idea of how product will look.Display the prices on the products clearly. Highlight all the taxes and charges properly so that customer is never confused. Mention clearly if you are giving any discounts or if there is any sale on your store. You need to make sure that all your special offers are known to the customer.

Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Web designing Principles that you should always abide to

Getting a good web design is as crucial as getting your product right. You cannot hit the market before ensuring that all the essential elements are sufficiently covered. A good design creates its own impression. The better the design is, better are your chances for sales conversion.
In this article we have covered 5 basic elements that are crucial to a good web design. Have a read and make sure you embed them well next time when you go for designing a website.

1)    Focusing on right contents: Make sure you work out your contents well. Good contents are informative, descriptive and detailed. They have the power to hold the readers for long spans of time. You need to make sure that you give your audiences what they need. Your contents must have a right intent. Only when you are able to produce the information your users want to read you will be able to win their loyalty. Therefore, always work hard on your contents.

2)    Make sure that the design is Mobile responsive: Responsive Web design is the need of the hour. This is a bare necessity that every website must have. You cannot sustain your place on web if your designs aren’t effective and responsive. A responsive design allows users to surf the web design from any place anywhere. This adds to the usability of that design and helps in adding more customers. 

3)    Place yourself in customer’s shoes: This is very crucial for any designing firm to place themselves in their customer’s shoes. They need to analyze, identify and critique their website from a customer prospective. They need to analyses: